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wmh_crew's Journal

World's Most Hated Crew
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World's Most Hated Crew

The World's Most Hated Crew
-Eliza Cuts
-Sarah Dope
-Miss E
-Hey Chris
-Alicia Pain
-Eric Dravin
-Mikey Way

1. We're here 'cause we admire the WMHCrew. If you don't like them, don't join. In fact, you don't have to even look at our community.

2. That said, no bashing on any members of WMHC, anyone connected to WMHC, and ecspecially not other members. That's just uncalled for.

3. We would greatly appreciate posts be made 'Friends Only'.

4. We encourage graphics. Pictures, icons, FO banners, etc. make us happy. Just please put any long posts, large pictures, or large groups of graphics under a livejournal cut please.

5. Promoting a site or community related to WMHCrew or it's members is acceptable, but please keep in mind we have the right to refuse anything. It's nothing against you. Also, keep in mind the content of what you are promoting.

6. Any and every member has a right to privacy. If something is said here, it doesn't automatically make it public knowledge. In exchange, anything brought up that makes someone uncomfortable in some way, contact one of the maintainers, and we'll deal with it personally.